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New Construction and Restoration Services

New Construction and Restoration Services

Paramount Building-Before
Paramount Building before restoration

Paramount Building-After
Paramount Building after restoration with Cast Stone

Learn more about the restoration of the Paramount Building in Bangor, Maine

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Field Surveys & Site Services for Restoration Projects

  • Field survey and site dimension work to obtain cast stone measurements, details and templates required for accurate drawing preparation.
  • Obtain field molds and templates for replication of historic building cast stones. Provide details and assessment of existing cast stone conditions for manufacturing.
  • Identification and labeling of cast stone models required for historic replication.
  • Coordination of field dimensions with new construction drawings and requirements.

Drafting & Design Services

  • Development of existing conditions drawings based on photographs and field dimensions for restoration projects.
  • Preparation of autoCAD shop drawings and shop tickets indicating all cast stone details for the fabrication of new cast stone.
  • Preparation of cast stone anchoring and attachment detail drawings.
  • Preparation of autoCAD setting drawings for cast stone installation.
  • Preparation of shop drawings for architects, contractors, and manufacturing.

Sales & Project Management

  • Estimation, evaluation and quantification of historic cast stone building fa├žade restoration projects.
  • Project representation services for contractors and Architects. Experienced in handling complex sales and project coordination in the field of architectural restoration.
  • Project management skills for supervision and management of the cast stone fabrication process.

Scope of Work Development

  • Preparation of bid documents and specifications for cast stone and architectural precast. Development of detailed scope of work documents. Cast stone classification, style analysis and categorization for fabricator pricing. Development of existing condition autoCAD drawings for restoration.
  • Analysis of existing building conditions in order to coordinate the placement and design of new cast stone.
  • Provide cast stone/architectural precast design and attachment details for preparation of construction documents.
  • Design consultation with architect/engineer prior to preparation of construction documents.
  • Prepare budgets for fabrication and supply of cast stone or architectural precast.

Photographic Documentation for Restoration Projects

  • Photographic surveys of existing building conditions and architectural cast stone/ precast details.
  • Photo documentation of unique styles of architectural cast stone/ precast ornament for condition review, costing analysis and scope of work development.

Engineering & Attachment Details

  • Design consultation for cast stone anchorage methods and attachment details.
  • Structural engineering design services including cast stone and architectural precast reinforcement, attachment details, and calculations.
  • Engineering drawings of attachment detail design for cast stone and architectural precast applications.


  • In house manufacturing of new and replica cast stone and architectural precast units.
  • Custom mold department to meet all historic details using wood, foam, and latex molds.
  • Prompt production and shipping to meet project demands.